January 9, 2013

Burns, general ideas III

Using Local schemes to manage badly damaged areas:
together with needles treatment, one can also apply any remedy/drug including anaestetics, into the circle to treat the damaged area without actual contact with it, which can be critical for bad cases. This can be valuable in case one can't tolerate any more of general anaestetics due to 
kidneys/liver/body systems already overloaded by drugs treatement.

Also, several posts on Chi-Gong strengthening methods for organs/systems in a blog for singers and musicians:

Treatment of severe burns is demanding and challenging task.

Burns, general ideas II

Mapping for body regions was given several times, for example:

For massive burns one may combine the energies corresponding to stricken zones in a single
recipe in a chain following general rules, or as main energies with transition point to Dryness
meridian controlling skin.

Direct charging of immune system with energy:
General infections treatment through immune system:
One may use a scheme for CKD if there's danger of kidneys failure:
the scheme may to be modified if this developes very quickly, i.e. possible toning up Neito energy.