November 30, 2012

Inner boyl-chakras: breast cancer case

In case of serious chronic diseases serious energy problems up to energy holes are created
on Inner boyl-chakras, widely metastatic breast cancer:

 Insect Correspondence system.

All 4 chakras windows need to be evaluated, as seen on the picture.

It also reflects the cancer having made most damage in direction to body sides, the sides of finger, images 3 and 4 having bigger number of needles.

Treatment in standard chakras layout
on palm which correspond to images 1 and 2, appears not enough to cover all aspects.

The same Insect System standard view, to see the areas covered by a chakra:

for example, Wind chakra 1 covers the whole thoracic region where cancer has originated

Cancer has affected all body energy levels from chakra 6, Cold, 
to chakra 3, Burn, the corresponding zones in body at left.

Triorigin scheme, hearing nerve problems

Triorigin scheme for progressive hearing loss due to hearing nerve problem:
No-Ho-Ne\-Ne-He\-No-He\(left ear), Ho\(right ear)-Ho-No\-No (nerve): No, Ho sedate, He, Ne tone up

composed for left ear

--- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- brown lines - needles direction 

Self-treatment, taping natural crystals:
--- green - 1,2,3,4,9
--- red - 5,6
--- white - 7,8
Also, may be simple heating of taped crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together perpendicular for all points, in a sequence, each for 1 min.

Hearing nerve problems

The path to hearing nerve in 8 Qi:
Burn-Wind-Heat-Light (hearing nerve, functional approach): energies to work on
In case of progressive hearing loss due to hearing nerve being affected:
Darkness sedate, Light tone up

 right palm, functional aspects

In case of hearing nerve destruction by any means, one is to apply:
--- a scheme to prevent this done on for example, palm responsible for structural aspects (below):
 Burn-Wind-Heat-Darkness (hearing nerve): Light sedate, Darkness tone up
--- and a scheme to restore hearing on a palm for functional aspects, the first scheme.

 left palm, structural aspects

The Spirals are actually a templates to resize on palms to get points to their locations.